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From cutting boards to cutting blocks, Chestnut Street Market has grown from creating imaginative natural recipes to visualizing the love of the garden through handprinted textile and paper goods. Guided by a broad palate, we fuse hand-drawn illustrations of unique produce with hand-pulled printmaking techniques to create interesting visual flavors and textures for all of our products. From a generous selection of high-quality tops, totes, and towels, to original recipes and cookbook illustrations, you are bound to run into our designs around any corner.

– Elizabeth, Chestnut Street Founder


Meet Elizabeth

Chestnut Street owner and Cincinnati native Elizabeth Ross is passionate about producing things by hand: from original illustration and printmaking, to organically grown and prepared produce. These slow, individual processes result in lovely, tactile imperfections – unique signatures of sincere artforms that are a welcome respite from today's fast-paced, digital world.

Raised on paints and textiles, Elizabeth was formally-trained in classical studio arts. Later, she was introduced to the lyrics of the kitchen after professional strolls through several local restaurants (throughout the Midwest and South). Back home, she put these passions into the mixing bowl and created Chestnut Street Market – a studio producing unique designs on fine-quality textiles and paper goods.

Our Process

We make everything in small batches from our home in Cincinnati.

Blocks, burins, brayers, and barens, are used to apply durable inks through original screen designs onto organic, high-quality textiles and paper. It's a time-consuming process, but a labor of love.

Even when producing quantities in batch, great care is given to each individual press, pull, and roll, so that you receive a product worthy of being labeled Chestnut Street Market.

To achieve our products' uniqueness, it may take from two to four weeks to develop by hand and deliver – but every print is worth your patience.


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