Handmade in Ohio


Questions that frequently come up whenever I’m doing events, in store, and even online, is how my products are made – whether I make the illustrations digitally, or if I have a third party print the products en masse, and so on.

Well, I’m proud to say that everything you see – from the the design / illustration to the printed ink on the products – are all handmade by me! Every single product that I sell has been touched by me in multiple ways – from the design and printing, to the tagging and packaging.

Outside of making the actual clothing, bags and towels, it’s important to me that I develop everything individually – sans computer or third party printers. I was trained in the classical arts, and I enjoy handmade processes much more than I ever could by producing things digitally. I respect digital artists and artwork, but it’s just not me – I love the tactile quality and little imperfections that lend to a more personal, individual item. So, each item that you purchase sees the same care, dedication, and consistent quality delivered by the same person – me!

The next time you stop by the Chestnut Street booth or shop, check out my example printing materials that I have on hand and feel free to ask me questions about it. I’d love to share more with you!